• Feb 10, 2019

the bugs Brought experimentally helped to understand the homosexuality nature. Results of the conducted research allowed to reveal interrelation between same-sex "relations" at some subspecies of animals and the established advantage of evolutionary type. Actually it brings closer scientists to a solution of development of homosexual bents even stronger.

Bugs Helped to Understand the Homosexuality Nature

of the Detail of researches

Details of Researches

Scientists long time could not define the reason of why the set of the main genes which are responsible for existence of homosexual behavior remains in a genotype, but does not vanish together with development of a certain look. As earlier it seemed, similar characteristic (in terms of evolutionary model) cannot give any advantages. However quite recently the staff of the Swedish university of the city of Uppsala made detailed investigation which results indicate absolutely other conclusions.

For a role of examinees were taken an individual of separate subspecies of bugs of Callosobruchus maculatus — small insects whose size is no more than 4 mm. Their individual difference is that at the gene level they have no tendency to homosexual behavior. However especially for a research scientists brought the insects predisposed to same-sex communications.

Within of the made experiment > it became clear by strong that because of ability to divide a certain quantity of genes between individuals of the both sexes homosexual predisposition can promote same-sex communications of males, at the same time promoting fertility of females. This rule works also in an opposite order. In other words, reproductive features of females of bugs of Callosobruchus maculatus increased proceeding from quantity of the males inclined to homosexuality.

the Experiment proved quite popular theory that the genetic predisposition influencing manifestation of homosexual communications does not disappear because of existence of some evolutionary advantage.

Other experiments

Other Experiments

Years before group of experts of the German university of the city of Ulm conducted own research on the nature of homosexual behavior for which bugs grave-diggers were taken. Scientists tried to prove the so-called theory of a threshold proceeding from which the minimum number of females had a considerable impact on same-sex behavior of males, forcing them to copulate with the first insect. At the same time the frequency of similar cases in direct ratio decreased at return of females.

Carrying out one more research by the American experts showed that the tendency to development of homosexual draft in the person only the little is caused by genetic factors.

during the experiment it was succeeded to define the main reasons which are capable to influence development of homosexual preferences in men:

Homosexuality Nature

  1. Social : stay in women's society, any experiences in children's age.
  2. Biological : presence of elder brothers in family that is explained by increase in probability of manifestation of womanly and social bents in tissues of a brain of the growing-up fruit due to repeated birth rate.
  3. Gene : presence of a specific gene of Xq28 which indirectly affects sexual preferences at men.

at the same time scientists claim that the gene manifestations causing addiction to same-sex relationships at women were not found. In this case especially psychosocial factors play a role.

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