• Jan 22, 2020
Everyone deserves

to spend the last days in tranquility and in an environment of the loving people. The Lifeline Animal Project organization which is based in the American Atlanta is also engaged in it – finds overexposure for old and incurably sick dogs where they get support and love up to the end of life.

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of Lifeline Animal Project contains several shelters in the city and attracts volunteers who are ready to provide to weak and sick dogs the house. The organization completely pays all expenses which the person can face during leaving, a game and friendship with a sick animal.
One of such volunteers became Lawson who wanted to bring to himself the partner. It was completely ready to responsibility, training and boundless love which Lifeline mission means. Lawson visited one of shelters of the organization with the purpose to find the friend whose life it will be able to change to the best. So he met eight-year-old Akira, a pit bull terrier with an incurable form of cancer.

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was required to Lawson time completely to realize and reconcile to the fact that Akira's disease will not allow it to stay with it long time. However soon he saw it absolutely in other light - it is the real gift. Friendship with Akira helped it to accept that some fine things in life are fleeting.

Video: iheartdogs.com

the Purpose of Lifeline Animal Project – to provide to the dying-away animals care and an opportunity to spend at least the last days out of cold and lonely walls of a shelter. The project carefully chooses food and drugs which will allow them to feel comfortable for each ward. The person who decided to open the house for the animal person in need gives it an opportunity to leave adequately this world.

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