• Dec 10, 2018


"Let's look to the truth in eyes if people wear any clothes, then and dogs can carry it too".
So, at least, is stated by the new company which is engaged in tailoring for dogs. The foundress by the name of Lisa offers everything – from raincoats raincoats to a pajamas and unique dresses haute couture.

The main trend of a season from a brand – fashionable leggings for dogs.

photo: people.com

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But they not just fashionable — still they offer
the maximum convenience and full protection of paws to canine friends and also purity and any bacteria in the house — for biped.
In the description is said that such leggings very practical, conveniently fasten on a back and it are pleasant much more to dogs who it is not excited about repressing a leg a boot.
photo: people.com
Lisa tells that she inspired her on creation of leggings her spaniel by nickname Toffee.
"I very much love the dog and I treat her, as the full member of our family. Toffee sleeps together with us in a bed. I live in very active part of the city and I do not like a thought of that, how many microbes and dirt we bring from walk on paws and that Toffee can unintentionally swallow poisonous chemical elements from them, being licked. So I also came to conclusion that I have to find a solution to protect both Toffee, and the house".
photo: people.com
Perhaps in photos leggings also look a little ridiculously, but Lisa says that they are created first of all taking into account convenience to a dog and purity. The lower part of leggings is waterproof and protects small pillows and paws from hot surfaces, chemicals, pesticides, allergens, pincers, salt and the weather phenomena.
"Perhaps in the future we still will release the line of the combined clothes for people and dogs".
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