• Jan 24, 2020

the Real miracle occurred on the eve of New year in the city of Yelabuga.

The dog lay in snow around one from houses of the city. The message about it flew about all social networks, gathered likes and reposts … And the dog continued to freeze.

 a dog, a puppy, a dog in snow


The owner did not respond, persons interested to shelter an unfortunate animal were not. Nobody wanted to spoil to himself festive mood, to sadden day efforts.

Perhaps, Maruski already would also not be … If not Anjelica Ivashechkina.

Really kind and not indifferent person (not for nothing the director of an elabugsky shelter for dogs "Fidelity") came tearing along to the aid of the freezing girl.

By means of locals the dog was got from snow and ice weight, transferred to the car. Anjelica had a hope: the baby could be lost as on a neck she had a collar. At survey of a doggie it became clear: the girl was sterilized. Began to ring round clinics, to post Marusya's photo in network … Also found owners!

 dog, puppy, rescue of a dog, pet


The dog was really lost. Owners looked for her two days, but absolutely in other part of the city.

And as Marusya and the hostess rejoiced to a meeting! Without tears of emotion and joy it was impossible to look at this stage, and both of them did not even dream of the best New Year's gift.

Anjelica was satisfied too: presented to the person and a dog happiness. But the main thing – the doggie survived!

 rescue of a dog, favourite pet, dog puppy


Anjelica Ivashechkina wrote in the last post of old year: "Do not pass by poteryashka! Perhaps animals have a collar, an adresnik. Perhaps information on them is in clinics. Perhaps on social networks they are already looked for by owners. Several hours of your time can cost life of canine friends. Do not remain indifferent to the fate of poteryashka. They are so waited by houses!"

Look narrowly, maybe, somewhere near you and now there is a lost doggie. After the celebration of New year of poteryashka there is always a lot of! Dogs, being frightened by explosions of petards and fireworks, run away. Perhaps someone's life depends on your help.

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