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the Meeting with a dog of Tito became for Christina Helfer the real shock 4 months ago, though before the employee of one of the New York centers of the help to animals had to see a lot of things.

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The sixteen-year-old chihuahua grew blind. He difficult breathed, rattled and could not move hinder legs, and on a back at him the tumor affected with an infection grew. The dog got to a shelter in New York after his owner strongly got sick, and relatives could not take Tito to themselves.

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"It was just awful — Christina Helfer, the worker of one of the centers of the help to animals admitted — He constantly coughed and twirled by the head, trying to find a position in which could breathe easier".

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Tito was in such state that unaided was not to manage in any way. For a dog the accurate plan of treatment was thought over. And Christina Helfer took away it to herself home that recovery took place in comfortable conditions. It was necessary to restore a sore trachea which did not allow a dog to breathe correctly.

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There Tito also got acquainted with Frank.

"Frank at once like warm feelings to Tito. He checked all the time whether everything is good with the new friend, sniffed at it, licked. At first I was afraid how the chihuahua will react to other dog, he already elderly and has problems with health. However my fear was vain: Tito quickly made friends with Frank" — the hostess said.

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Christina took two-year-old Frank from a shelter last year, in August. It was found on a dump, exhausted, sick with itch. The first pet of Christina — a pit bull terrier by nickname Piper also was found in a similar state.

Frank is very disturbing dog, because of it there are some problems. However the help and care of others very much help him.

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"We call it the Nurse Frank — the hostess notes. – He behaves as the real father, well gets on with other dogs, cares for them. Once I took on overexposure of puppies, and he constantly was near them, licked them. He instinctively reaches for those who need the help".

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And Tito was not an exception, Frank did not leave it, supported. The hostess noticed also that between these two dogs communication is much deeper, than was with other dogs before.

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Fortunately, in several days in the new house of Tito began to breathe much easier. Very soon he recovered from a problem with a trachea at all, gained strength and rather just underwent an operation on removal of a tumor.

"This miracle! — Christina admitted. – Tito well postponed all procedures and has no trouble breathing any more".

Costs of treatment and Tito's help were completely covered with the organization which is engaged in rescue of aged dogs. She pays expenses for keeping of animals after their placement in houses. And after Christina understood how Tito and Frank became attached to each other, the chihuahua forever remained to live in her house.

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Though Tito also does not see, it does not prevent it to enjoy life. He likes to be on the street and to be heated on the sun at the pool. And thanks to the loyal friend Frank who backs him in a special bag Tito even is on the real walks.

"When we go along the street, people are surprised, willingly ask on my dogs, on how they were saved".

Except walks and acceptance of solar bathtubs at the pool, unusual friends like to be indulged together, with pleasure are treated with vkusnyashka.

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"They have similar preferences as in food, and carrying out free time therefore they so suit one another — Helfer laughs. — Tito likes to settle to Frank on paws or on the head, and so they have a rest".

To dogs very well together. And though the antecedents of Tito remain a riddle, one can be told precisely: with new mother and two wonderful friends the sixteenth year of life of Tito precisely will be the best.

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"We constantly joke that Tito has nine lives as the cat, had him in such awful state. But he overcame all difficulties. And we so like to give him the happy moments. It – our pride!".

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