• Nov 23, 2020

Most often to employees of shelters should save lives of animals. This case turned their reality.

The pet should be sent on certain death own hands of employees. Those which they quite recently also nursed a dog.


Речь goes about the old man by the name of Frank. Once tribute pays: it is improbable handsome. In spite of the fact that had no blue blood in a sort, in appearance the real lion in a dog appearance. Majestic, stately it was content with the life on the street and everything to it was many years at all until the dog pleased under car wheels. Frank could not move and lifelessly lay at a roadside. The situation was worsened by impressive age of an animal, forces were not on anything.

Already was even said goodbye to life, so to it it was sick, heavy and desperate. Reported about an animal in a shelter and helped it. Patched a paw long and painfully and could put on Frank's legs. After an absolute recovery and because of the shortage of places in a shelter, Frank is decided to be released that his place was taken by pets who fatally needed care and treatment.


Но and to release Frank — means, to allow it to die with own hand. From former power remained little, a dog aged, he is weakened and emaciated life. Chances of a pristroystvo are also not enough, but all of us will try to find this story to it adherents. Frank needs support.

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