• Sep 27, 2019
– already elderly pug who just adores the owner, Mark. The best moments of day for four-footed – when it is heated on hands at the owner.
Mark and his wife based a shelter hospice in which care for 34 sweetest dogs who for any reason lost the house. 15-year-old Shorti, however, lives at couple already long ago. He was about two years old when they took it to themselves.
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Shorti and Mark practically never leave Now, except for time which Mark spends at work. And at such moments, usually happy Shorti who because of age cannot go with the owner very strongly is upset and begins to worry – to bark and whine. Whatever Mark's wife tried to undertake, it was impossible to calm the worrying dog long in any way.
But the solution was found in the form of more difficult idea which initially seemed madness. The family ordered a dummy in human growth, called him FARC and dressed it in worn things of Mark which smell of it. Did not forget even about details – the dummy has a cap. But Mark's wife on it did not stop and duplicated the husband even better – added a tattoo.
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"Shorti's reaction was simply amazing. The dog very much worried all day, and then I put it on Fark's knees, having twisted his hands around Shorti. He right there settled more conveniently and fell asleep literally in half an hour. So he overslept the whole night. I could not believe that it really worked!"
at the same time not the only admirer of the copy of Mark. Near a dummy always someone from pets of family surely sits.
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Well, and the real Mark, of course, fell apart a little that it is so easy for Shorti to deceive, but nevertheless is very happy that now the pug endures parting with it much easier.
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