• Jan 22, 2020

After long wanderings on the street and years of life in a shelter the 9-year-old Labrador found family. Now it has in friends of a cat also three small children.

A little more than a year ago, in the winter in frosts, Charlie was found on the street by volunteers of team of the help to dogs of breed a Labrador. Took away a dog then in an awful state: the dog was exhausted. Fight for his life began. After inspection and treatment it became clear: the tail age (about 8-9 years), badly sees.

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Curators understood: it will not be simple to find family for Charlie. But after all hoped: somebody will surely shelter this wise old man with insufferably sad look and gentle open soul.

There were not many calls by Charlie. And those who were interested in a dog after stories about it did not come to get acquainted. And here Alexey and Ekaterina appeared. And the married couple was from far away — not from Moscow and even not from Moscow area.

Fell in love with Charlie on a photo from the Internet, contacted a shelter, helped to support a dog financially. And very much waited for a meeting! And flight of a doggie all was postponed: it was necessary to cure unexpectedly shown diseases.

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At last Charlie of the house! Except the careful and loving owners the old man got friends: three children and cats (with the last, however, the relations were not taken at once. But a common language after all was found).

Owners send to curators of a news. Write that are grateful to destiny for a meeting with the best in the world labrodyagy. Call Charlie handsome, the intellectual, the wise man. Hope to present to a dog the present to a labroschastya which that so deserves.

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Photo: instagram.com / _ labrodyaga_ /

Here and the age dog from a shelter can become a house tail! And, above all – it will surely pay back the people who sheltered him with the boundless love and devotion. "It is not necessary to be afraid to take dogs is more senior" — volunteers of group of the help to Labradors are sure. – "Ahead there are a lot of invaluable minutes of family happiness".

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