• Jan 23, 2020

In Great Britain the one-and-a-half-meter corn snake by the name of Allan ran away from the owner during the travel on the car.

Having escaped from a box in which it was transported, it could climb imperceptibly under a casing of a steering column where got stuck.

Loss were found only at the end of the way. Having assumed that the snake could hide somewhere, its owner together with friends began to dismantle the car in parts: to remove seat mats, covers, etc. Only after that the snake managed to be found in a steering column.

But it was impossible to pull out it from there independently. Therefore the owner called employees of a nearby fire brigade. Having arrived to the place, they cut one of fasteners then they managed to remove a steering column, and then and the fat snake who twisted it. She absolutely shortly before the trip has densely dinner therefore she could not get down independently from a wheel.

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