• Jan 11, 2020
For the first time the cat along with 60 dogs took part in a traditional Christmas heat at the Scottish island near Sydney (Australia). The distance
of 500 meters long was overcome by the cat by the name of State automated system belonging to tonkiysky breed of cats.
They not only are not afraid of water, but also perfectly float. Before a heat vladets of a cat Glenn Druery several times overcame a distance near the pet. During the competitions it also floated near it.
It is allowed to
by rules for owners of the small dogs similar to a chihuahua. Though cats never participated in a heat, gave to them the rights parity with small doggies.
in case of danger or fatigue small animals can withdraw for a while, having ridden out shoulders of the owner.
Is remarkable that prior to competitions many owners of dogs opposed participation of a cat in a heat.
Was considered that its presence can disorganize all race.
However nothing similar happened to
. The cat, of course, could not bypass dogs at a distance, but adequately overcame it. It is worth recognizing that State automated system besides swimming is fond also of
of driving on surfing. He masters it together with the owner.

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