• Sep 25, 2020

the Improbable beauty of a bluish-black color I with wood-amber color of eyes kindly subdued not one kind heart.
without breed and stories found the Compact girl on building. Came there still a puppy and lived several long months in the company of workers. They, by the way, cared and cherished the baby. Fed, caressed, cared for her, even built the improvised box.

The territory where built the new building, belonged to the local oligarch. He, though occasionally, but visited the workers to estimate as far as building progressed. The person he serious, strict, fair, but did not know kindness. Therefore, having seen the living being, right there the order to get rid of the pet. Now the girl looks for the house.


За that time which it was in an environment of builders the girl could study everything to be ideal pets, the good friend and the real companion. The girl urgently looks for the house, otherwise the owner of building threatened to get rid of the girl in the most cardinal way.

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