• Apr 2, 2020

Athena is a little baby to whose share excessive tests fell. What the small fluffy lump did not please the owner with — question which sets all, having learned history Athens.

The lovely baby was brought to a veterinary clinic with the stunning indications. The half-dead kitten literally on the last legs was carried on a couch. Internals are fought off an animal. She was simply long beaten. Beat so that at Athena the backbone is broken. The animal remained a disabled person forever.


Афина managed to visit several clinics where time for the raised funds of not indifferent carried out by it the most difficult manipulations. Athena was exposed to surgical intervention more than once, made tens of tests, lay under droppers, spent on drink the strongest antibiotics and hormones. And she had to endure all this because one person got a false idea himself more powerfully than this defenseless being. He so cruelly and with impunity treated her, does not go in.

Though not indifferent volunteers, doctors, eyewitnesses also made every effort to help Athena to survive, but also to feel somehow full, chances are not enough. The girl does not go. Its back and front of course are not mobile. But her big team of support does not lose hope. After the conducted rehabilitation course Athena restore very much. With the girl are engaged, carefully look after her, but from the severe and unfair press "special" to it not to leave anywhere.


Малышка does not despair. Athena has an excellent appetite, good health and playful mood. She adapts to everything. Athena is already grateful for all that for her was done and continue to do. The baby quite feels well. The only thing that is not enough for her, so is families.

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