• Jan 15, 2020

One not indifferent person noticed that the homeless dog periodically resorts to his dog. Worrying that the friendly guest is unhealthy as he had only one eye, or it was lost, about it reported in the organization for rescue of animals.

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With the small help of a pit bull terrier who was visited by a dog-poteryashka it managed to be caught and brought to clinic. There he received a new name – the Pirate.

Having checked it for the microchip, workers were delighted – the Pirate had an owner. However, having contacted it, the hope died away. While the lost dog alone roamed about streets, his owner already bought a new dog and refused to take the found dog.

So, the Pirate became homeless finally. But he was in good hands.

Photo: dogtime.com

Veterinarians came to a conclusion that one of eyes of the Pirate was strongly injured. Therefore it was necessary to perform operation on its removal.

When all necessary procedures were carried out, the Pirate went to overexposure. There he recovered, and workers of a shelter in the same time looked for to it the house. And long it was not necessary to wait!

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Already very soon the Pirate was taken away by the loving family which will never throw him as it was heartlessly made by his previous owner.

of Good luck, Pirate!

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