• May 19, 2020

strikes the Speed with which events developed in lives of this dog. Everything began with that, in a local shelter the disturbing call early in the morning was distributed. The eyewitnesses going to shop behind morning purchases could not pass by the grown weak dog. That settled down near the crowded place, probably, in hope that it will be found and helped. The help was necessary to it more than ever.


У a dog found the huge fresh deep bleeding cut of one of paws. Fabric was literally cut, having left the flabby rags of fabric which are dangling along a cut. It was obvious that the wound absolutely fresh and to a dog was necessary the emergency help. He was taken to animals hospital, with huge work stopped a wound, cleaned a wound, disinfected it, imposed huge seams.

At this time nobody could think of a pristroystvo of a dog, the first that needed to be made — to help her, to relieve pain, to close an open wound and to stop bleeding. Volunteers nevertheless decided to publish meanwhile several pictures of the poor fellow on social networks, distributed photos to acquaintances in hope that the previous owner of a dog will respond.


А can, not indifferent people will be able to help to rehabilitate, support a dog financially, or perhaps at all will take away to themselves. And the miracle occurred! The tail as the vstevozhenny owner More than such stories would be on the threshold of a clinic did not manage to recover!

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