• Dec 7, 2020

feels like Arno remarkably Now. The clean, washed-up, fattened, full guy is in a shelter. It looks tidily, is well-groomed. Looks so as if about it really is to a lump to take care. Indeed. Now Arney feels like full the pet because he is necessary first of all to himself. The sheep-dog cheered up though she had no chances and hope for its rescue even.


Арно found 100 vw in two hundred kilometers from Moscow. At the thrown gas station where there are practically no lodgers, and the casual guest the rare, left owner of a dog built a deadly trap for the ward. The former favourite member of household was tied on a rope at the most secluded imperceptible place. Considering the separated location of gas station and extremely rare attendance, it was literally the deadly stranglehold.

Arno pined with hunger, cold, loneliness and treachery. He stayed on a leash unknown amount of time for which all its antecedents flew before eyes. But Arno did not want to be surrendered and gnawed through a rope. Having escaped from deadly fetters, the dog went to the neighboring village behind food which was sharply necessary for him to survive.


По to the ignorance residents of the village easily could confuse once house Arno with the frequenter of streets, the tramp, a dangerous, wild and unpredictable animal therefore local hunters were with great pleasure ready to equip weapon somewhat quicker to get rid of a dog, having started up it a bullet bluntly and having saved thereby fellows villager from fears.


Эта history could end with figcaption id="caption-attachment-29784" tragically if not soft-heartedness of the district police officer. He learned about artful blood-thirsty plans of people and immediately sounded the alarm. Called local shelters and asked to take away a sheep-dog under the pretext of the threat of death coming for him. Naturally, it was impossible to refuse to the person shoulder straps and to such approaching disturbing plot. Arno is alive, healthy and quite quiet now. He was unworthy to say goodbye so quickly and so brutally to life. The stately handsome who tested a tar barrel at last is ready to honey. Arno looks for the house!

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