• Jan 16, 2020

It Tea, a dog from whose name her hostess had to pass several circles of bureaucracy quite recently.

And everything began with a parcel with a gift.

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of Tea, a boksveyler, lives with Mari Palmgren and her family in Sweden.

Last month Mari found the notice of a parcel which can be taken away by mail in a mailbox. But it turned out that the parcel is addressed not to Mari at all, and Tea. In a box there was a toy for it sent by the girlfriend of family from other country.

Who then would think that this toy will cause a lot of headache for Palmgrenov.

Photo: thedodo.com Mari's
, of course, went at once to post office to take away a parcel.

"I asked how to me to fill a delivery form because there it was specified that it is necessary to append the signature and to show the identity document — Mari says. – Told that the one who sent a parcel for fun entered not my name, but a name Teas. Well, and that Tea is a dog, certainly."

However the joke ridiculous did not seem to workers of mail.

"All of them equally demanded documents and the signature Teas, and the same from me, as from the assistant in receiving a parcel."

Documents and signature of her dog? To tell that Mari was surprised — not to tell anything. And will soon be surprised also Tea.

Mari went home, found the registration form confirming that Tea — her dog, and returned to post office among ancient documents.

Photo: thedodo.com Seemed to
, it is enough. But far from it.

"I gave all documents to workers. They returned only in 15 minutes and told that they accept them, but the signature Teas is all the same necessary," — Mari told.

Then they waited on the street (the entrance on mail is forbidden dogs) until the worker brings to them as you could guess, blackened.

"They told that it is necessary to put a print of her paw near my signature on the notice — Mari told. – So I took a paw Teas and put it at first on ink, and then on the notice."

Putting down of the signature was removed on video on which it is visible that Tea not absolutely understood that in general there are and why to them her paws.

Video: thedodo.com

After this procedure, Mari and Chaye at last gave a parcel.

Photo: thedodo.com

Seems that all this is similar to a draw from workers of mail. However, Mari says that it absolutely not so.

"All of them time were terribly serious. As if did not notice all humour of a situation, – she says. – And I? I was just shocked. And, when got into the car to go home, burst out laughing to tears."

But Tea received a new toy! All this strange thing did not make a great impression on it.

"It is a good dog, it is ready to help when it is necessary," — Mari says.


This story extended on the Swedish media since then, being an example of excessively strict observance of official rules in public institutions of the country. But most of people smiled, having heard about the event. Nevertheless, the girl who sent a gift for Teas feels vanity, a little guilty because of quantity, which was lifted by its parcel.

"It just wanted to make by thedodo.com a kind thing. And now worries that it caused all this absurd situation — Mari told. – But I, of course, told it that it, on the contrary, it raised a smile upon the face of very many people."

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