• Jan 23, 2020

the Old woman Dusya, curators so tenderly called a doggie, absolutely not for long was "neutral". Approximately in a week after the death of the hostess the tiny black doggie found new family.

Dusya – a doggie of respectable age. To it 13 years. It is clear, that it has problems with health and activity not that any more. So quietly, warmly and very comfortably was with the favourite hostess. So many years were together lived …

 dog, pet, floor, house Photo: instagram.com/dusha_brodiagi

And suddenly there was a disaster: the native person left the first and forever … Dusya, already tiny doggie (its weight of everything about 4 kg), contracted all in a lump. From misunderstanding of the events and despair quietly whined. And her infinite fear was reflected in eyes.

The family at the hostess Dusya was not, and the doggie was threatened by prospect the rest of the days to carry out in a shelter.

Volunteers of the Kaluga shelter of "the Tramp's Shower", where neighbors were going to bring a doggie, sounded the alarm and found overexposure for several days. People perfectly understood: if 13-year-old Dusya gets to a shelter, even to the old woman long not to live in its warmest corner.

 girl, dog, house Photo: instagram.com/dusha_brodiagi

But there was that, in as were afraid to trust. In a week Dusya was taken away in family. The hostess Tatyana surrounded the new alumna with improbable love and care. To a dog did not forbid even to sleep on a bed what she was extremely glad to.

In the new house Dusya had friends. Same, as well as she, old men Lucky and Klavushka. By the way, Tatyana took away Klava from a shelter of "the Tramp's Shower" three years ago. Picked up the guy on the street.

Old residents accepted the newcomer peacefully. And even, appear, were glad to replenishment. Unusual revival reigned in the house. Dusya quickly oriented and understood: there to her it will be good and, it is possible, also sincere, warm and is comfortable, as before.

 dog, house, floor, carpet, pet Photo: instagram.com/dusha_brodiagi

And in a week to volunteers arrived house hi from Dusya. Tatyana wrote that the dog completely accustomed and even oblezhat all berths. And Lucky, having felt the gentleman, drives away from the new girlfriend in the yard of other dogs.

Many thanks to Tatyana who so appeared in time in hard moment of life of this tiny doggie. Also does now everything that the old age was not a burden on it, and every day it is filled with the joyful moments.

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