• Nov 27, 2020

the Girl by the name of Carly became the real sensation in a local shelter. No, this baby has behind shoulders bitter experience no cruel relation to herself or atrocity from the person. She was not hit by the train, was not hit by car, did not throw stones at her, she was not starved, not humiliated and not offended.


У Carly does not have figcaption id="caption-attachment-29662" the burning biography. It differs in the unusual appearance and compactness. The obvious metis with echoes of a sheep-dog, but not the ordinary metis, and as if a new look. On the one hand, the dexterity, attentiveness and force resembles straight the most ancient worthy German color. With another — the uncommon appearance, a flashing look, an unusual muzzle and the commitment reminds the Czech top. The uniqueness is that the girl, despite external data, and character, very compact, modest, appeasable.


Вот such new, so-called sofa and sentry look were found by volunteers and with great love cultivate in a shelter. Naturally, such girl, very sensitive, kind, tender, positive, active and trained just like that for a chain will not give in an indifferent charge. Look for the most warm-hearted owners for this ropotny imparted and sterilized baby. Let the thought dreams will come true, and improbable Carly will find the house!

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