• Feb 20, 2020
Urgent news arrived by

from Astrakhan. The crippled pit bull terrier was found thrown on the street. He is exhausted. But the main thing — his hinder legs are immobilized. In such serious condition the dog managed to wander several months.

The atrium — the metis of a pit bull terrier. Strong and brave dog. Despite the cruel drama developed in his life continued to fight for the existence. To consider at it — you will not envy. On strong indications doctors reported: at a dog hinder legs almost atrophied. He cannot move on them, only by means of lobbies. Most likely, the car brought down, and owners preferred to get rid of the pet.

Source: instagram.com/helpdog.ru

Задние extremities several months in such state. The crust which once was result of wounds from intensive friction of skin of a dog about the earth and asphalt says about it. The crust already turned black, was formed by a dense bed.

Apparently, a disabled person a dog was about three months and more. But there is small, but nevertheless a chance to return former power and force to Atrey's paws. Doctors found small sensitivity in paws. It will allow at least to try to return independence of the movement of a dog.

Source: instagram.com/helpdog.ru

К cardiologists told the same: The atrium suffers from warm difilyariya. The dog was really not lucky. His heart and a blood system, lungs are painfully pierced every day by small parasites. The infection demands urgent serious treatment.

Now Atrey's condition is watched by physicians, on it already performed operation. A dog in the course of rehabilitation. Volunteers continue to wait for generosity not indifferent to put on legs of a dog. Atrey incredibly sincere, contact and, despite the mutilation, very mobile and live. He with such pleasure walks, so only those who are deprived of an opportunity fully it can do. The atrium on two healthy paws runs with such ecstasy — tears well up. He courageously stood all pain. To such remarkable dog after so many losses and adversities surely has to carry.

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