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For the first time a pit bull terrier Orson got to a shelter in November, 2016 when it was saved and took away from the alleged venue of dog fights in New York.

Till March it stayed in the center where to it helped to adapt and be restored after the nightmares endured by it.

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Already there it became clear that Orson is not accustomed to the house at all. Though he also was eight years old and he was almost deaf, he behaved as the real little puppy who needs to be trained patiently in everything and to pay to it much attention, to socialize and bring up.

It needed someone who will be able to understand it and to see it what it could become at due education.

photo: aspca.orgc

However, nobody even could think that Orson will wait so long for the owners. Yes, his muzzle and a body were covered with scars, but at the same time he never ceased to look at all a trustful look and it is joyful to wag a tail here and there.

Deeply in soul he was always the naughty cheerful dog giving all it is so much joy and smiles that all workers of a shelter just fell in love with him.

The expert in behavior, Rachael, remembers:

"Orson everything was not noticed in any way. Therefore we with colleagues very actively worked on its training to bring it into a form of a desired dog.

We even taught him to go on the racetrack and took away him to ourselves to the restroom that he with us was socialized.

And still we took him for a ride in a car much - it is his hobby. All this eventually was useful when he could brag of the skills to potential family".

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But everything turned out not at once. Days extended for weeks, and weeks for months, and Orson everything did not leave a shelter.

Workers used all possible efforts to find the house. It even spent day with police officers during St. Valentine's Day. They drove it in places where it could find to itself(himself) the house.

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Orson sent live on social networks, he participated in competitions and even met the famous actor from Star Wars once. But nothing helped. As all made around, appear, all vain attempts.

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And, at last, almost in two years of constant stay in a shelter, everything changed.

In May, 2018 Robert, his wife Maria and their children decided to get to themselves a dog. The daughter of couple noticed Orson on a shelter page in a week before the family had to make the scary decision – their dog who strongly suffered already long time from cancer, lulled.

The shelter in which there was Orson was just near Robert's work therefore they decided to visit him.

Maria tells:

"We could not save our dog from a disease, and the only way for us to feel though it is a little better, was to save someone else".

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Orson not really met expectations of family, but in him there was something that forced them to look narrowly at it.

"I in the head had an image of a dog, ideal for us, – a small terrier. I did not want absolutely a puppy, but also too adult dog too more likely of a year to three. And here we come to a shelter, and there contrast of everything that we planned — Orson – an eight-year-old puppy."

Despite everything, the family very much liked Orson and what quiet and weakened he was. Robert worried concerning Orson's breed a little, about pit bull terriers so many rumors go, but, having listened to history of a dog, all doubts thawed. Robert needed the friend, and to Orson — chance.

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Robert describes the thoughts then so:

"At it was never at home

. He carried out in one shelter all the time, in another, nobody wanted to take it. I understood that he is just remarkable dog and well suits me that I can give it a helping hand. Both he, and me needed the friend. He to deserve to learn, what is it – to live in the real house".

The family did not regret about the decision at all. Orson quickly became a part of their family. Houses, having looked narrowly at his wagging "abrupt" gait, they decided to give him a new name – Duke, in honor of the actor whom it resembled very much.

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The period of adaptation was not the simplest, and the family had to work patiently on correction of some behavioural to problems of their new friend. But slowly everything got better, Duke learned to be every day more quietly and better to behave. But the main thing, Duke felt like darling in the new house.

Such happy end should be celebrated, and employees of a shelter organized to Duke a party with cakes.

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Now Duke is happy. He spends days with the new family in which joke that now it is necessary to buy one more chair to a dining table. It has the whole house of toys, and it is paid much attention.

Duke found language even with two neighbors cats.

The family often walks with Duke and periodically visits his recent best friends – firefighters from the fire station near the house.

Robert says that he understands now that it is not necessary to be afraid of pit bull terriers at all and that Duke – the best what ever happened to him.

Here so joyfully Duke's history – a story about patience, understanding and love ended. How many people passed by it! But it is never impossible to lose hope, and everything will surely be resolved. Duke and his new loving family – the proof to it.

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