• Jan 16, 2020

last Wednesday early in the morning of 2-year Princeton Pik was in the house in the State of Michigan with the father Dominic and a dog by nickname Apolo's . At some point the father of the boy distracted and the child with a dog went to the yard, and then were gone.

The house of family stood near the wood and when the father of the child bethought, he began to look for the son around the house everywhere. After a couple of hours of search he could not find Princeton and in panic called police. Police officers began to examine the next swamps, thickets and water meadows.

 the dog, a dog, a pet, is required the help, the child
In several hours they noticed prints of paws of a large dog on the earth and went on them. Traces brought them to a dog of Apolo who as it appeared on a step did not depart from the lost boy. With the child everything was all right.
"When I understood that it was gone, I at once presented how it lies in a water pool facedown and I was horrified" — Dominique Pik says — "Thought that I any more will never see it live".
news about loss of her kid caused the same emotions In the boy's mother who that morning before all left for work.
 a dog, a dog, a pet, the child

of the Child was found in thickets approximately in mile from the house. According to the sheriff Daniel Abbott, Apolo's dog, a hybrid of a pit bull terrier and the boxer, perhaps saved life of Princeton because all the time was near it and left many marks on which they were found. Traces of easier child in the forest were much less noticeable.

When Prinson ran away into the forest, on it from clothes there was only a diaper which somewhere was lost then and the boy was absolutely stark naked when it was found. It was bitten by midges and mosquitoes, but for the rest with it everything was all right.

 the child, the father, the boy, children, in acknowledgement Department of police of the District of Van-Byuren on Friday Pik delivered to
according to the sheriff in family dog food and delicacies for Apolo. Also as precautionary measures on an entrance door of the house there were at once two additional locks which the small child could not open.

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