• Jan 16, 2020
These tiny horses act as

as guides for people with the weakened sight. In Belgium visually impaired can rely now on tiny horses who will accompany the owners. The alternative to seeing eye dogs becomes more and more popular.

, a pony, the guide, a pet, a wild animal

In Bruges the woman by the name of Monica Van Den Abel with partial loss of sight decided to check this new hobby. Today it is accompanied by a tiny horse of Dinki.

, a pony, the guide, a pet, a wild animal This initiative created in the USA at the beginning of the century was realized by

also in Great Britain though tiny horses are quite rare here. Jean Boissou, the trainer of horses in France, also with disability on sight, shared opinion in the French newspaper Echo Républicain:

"This practice exists long ago in the United States where one thousand horses already accompany blind people. I thought that we can also test this innovation here, in France. Work is performed by means of several exercises: to go side by side, to respond to commands (to stop, go forward, etc.), to learn to bypass obstacles and to prevent dangerous situations".

, a pony, the guide, a pet, a wild animal

He mentions that tiny horses are not intended for replacement of seeing eye dogs, and supplement their work more likely, helping, for example, visually impaired to move down the street. According to him, it is very favorable to live together with these animals for physically disabled people.

What you think of a pony guides?

Source: http://www.holidogtimes.com

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