• Nov 16, 2020

Half a year — on the one hand such small period, but with another — the long period for which it is possible to live the whole chain of events. And sometimes they not the most iridescent, and even on the contrary, tragic and irreversible. Here is how for example with this baby.

The puppy is only 5 months old. It — still the absolute child with a small well-fed children's tummy, a chubby muzzle. A puppy who still we smell of a warm puppyish down. this girl deprived of
But the childhood for a long time and from first weeks showed: life is too cruel to it and mercy or the destiny will not give any discount.

The girl starved and froze. With the last bit of strength went, itself without knowing where somehow to catch a loop of maternal milk. It was impossible. But it was smaller of the evils. Bigger — on the way for mother or though the girl got with any help into a trap for vagrant animals. The baby injured a paw so that could not be chosen, move, ask about the help. The accident saved her life, but here it was not succeeded to keep an extremity.


Отсутствие the affected pad does not make this beauty less sensitive, good-natured, generous, modest and understanding. She, as well as any other puppy, looks at the world open eyes, trusts in fairy tales and waits for a miracle. And it is even more: still there is a chance to present it that kind childhood which it in accordance with the circumstances was deprived. The special girl looks for the special friend capable to accept her such what it is and for Sherea will not stand. It is imparted, healthy, future owner will be helped with sterilization. The grateful baby looks for the house!

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