• Sep 21, 2020

found it two steps away from the busy road. Each its step as if on a knife blade, could lead to a lethal outcome. Moreover the puppy had no place to take food. He slept near the road, managed small dashes to find though something, at least the unfinished hot dog of the hasty driver which is thrown out through a window of the car rushing on the route.


Питомец spent about a month on a ring of the busy road. It was noticed by many, but nobody could help it. Even volunteers, having learned about the pet, could not arrive, respond at once. There are no opportunities to shelter, as well as to take on overexposure. It is necessary only to clang all bells that someone who possesses big resources took away a puppy. For a while or for ever, not very well. It is important to help a dog and to save him from a certain death. The puppy urgently needs the help.

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