• Jan 16, 2020

On Friday June 29 the resident Antem, the State of Arizona, Paula Godwyn, came for walk with the puppy by Todd of breed a golden retriever in the suburbs.

There was a warm sunny day, and Paula carefree walked along the road when Todd suddenly saw something and jumped hostesses forward, having covered with itself her legs. And right there from a grass something gray rushed to a dog.

As it appeared, the puppy saw a rattlesnake and if he did not cover Paulo with himself, the snake would bite the woman for a leg. And so the snake attacked a puppy and snatched him for a cheek which from a sting was blown out quickly.

 a dog, a dog, a pet, a sting of a snake Rattlesnakes from family gadyukovy and their sting is very dangerous by
to the person. After Paúl's incident brought Todd in a vetklinik where it was examined and told that his life out of danger and he will soon recover. In the same evening Paula placed Todd's photos with the blown-out cheek in the facebook and wrote that the heroic puppy saved it life.
 dog, dog, pet. a sting, a snake

of the Photo and Todd's history quickly got to twitter and from there for couple of days were carried on all social networks and the websites, having become "virus". People admired courage and bravery of a puppy.

Many keep golden retrievers in Paula's family and someone from relatives presented a little puppy to the girl this spring.

 dog, dog, pet, girl, pet


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