• Dec 17, 2018


Now the baby Chapel enjoys heat and a cosiness in caring hands of not indifferent people. But a week ago it was in an awful state because of history which happened to it.
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Chapel is an Australian shepherd of whom because of problems with health and bad genetics tried to get rid heartlessly.
of the Puppy which could not get out of almost frozen pond and hardly held the head over water, two men noticed.
Chappell was wrapped up in two garbage packages of heavy stones. Eyewitnesses came into ice water, pulled out a puppy from a deadly pond and brought to a shelter.
photo: people.com
Chappell straight sent to veterinarians. After careful survey, a sweet dream and a tasty dinner, Chapel felt much better.
was lucky the Baby that it could put out the head from packages and draw attention passing by people.
photo: people.com
U Chapel send congenital defect of eyes because of what it, most likely, and was thrown out by the previous owners.
Guilty persons for such animal abuse are not found yet, but the local police already actively is engaged in their search.
photo: people.com
Now Chapel is in reliable hands of workers of a shelter. The new house to the baby is not looked for yet, after the incident she still needs special leaving.
will begin Search of family for Chappell when she completely recovers. Let's wish it good luck and fast recovery!
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