• Mar 21, 2020

B one of shopping centers of Noginsk at an entrance alone sat and long faithfully waited until behind it his owner, a one-year-old puppy returns. Unfortunate with huge hope in eyes looked at each passerby and as if said: "Well, when my owner will return? Perhaps, someone from you saw him? Tell him that I very much wait for the father together to come back home. To me it is very terrible"

None of citizens showed no sign that to it there is a business to the thrown companion. Everyone thought that will surely come for it, it such small and pretty, absolutely house a doggie, someone's favourite pet, everything with it will be good. But the miracle did not happen. The kid, having at parting clapped on a back, left at an entrance. Let now others care for it.


Два seemed hour eternity for the kid. So much time he waited for the owner. So nobody came for it. One attentive woman noticed a disturbing puppy who long sadly sits at an entrance. She was forced to report to police officers about a find. Those quickly reacted to the address, saw surveillance cameras of shopping center. On record the man said goodbye to a dog and slowly went on the affairs as if threw out garbage in the morning in a ballot box or sent the letter to a mailbox.

The heartless act annoyed all involved in search of the owner. However, they were not crowned with success yet that was expected. So, having played enough with the kid who, probably, at the early age required a lot of leaving and attention, disappointed owners. Probably, they expected that the dog will quietly take seat on a regiment and will flaunt not movably, conveniently and safely for all family members, furniture and household items without harm and excess noise. But so does not happen.


Собаку was called by Ksyu. To it about a year. By the form very much reminds a sheep-dog. Dense fluffy it is red - a brown hair, beautiful playful brown eyes, will be rather large individual. Ксю very tender. She is really house girl with kind heart. The clever baby knows several teams, listens to the person and with big diligence tries to understand that want from her. So far is in confusion. No wonder, it was thrown. Ксю look for the temporary accommodation, and ideally — the new house and the reliable friend who, despite everything, will not throw it as the coward, at shop, and will care for the baby, and in exchange will receive the true dog devotion doubled three times.

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