• Jan 30, 2020
posts of the volunteers from Khabarovsk saving the homeless a shchenochka who licked in a twenty-degree frost to a rail So began


Language of the baby stuck, and she just uprooted it, entirely.

Girls consulted with surgeons and shelters, other volunteers who had though some experience with similar dogs, without listening to infinite councils to lull.

of the Photo: instagram.com/irinamiakphoto

In clinic all sewed up, and the baby Lucky very quickly adapted to eat and drink.

In our realities when nobody needs even full-fledged dogs to count on a fast pristroystvo of a special puppy without language it seemed just impracticable task. But desire to help was so powerful and sincere that thousands of not indifferent people responded to a call for help, doing reposts, offering the help and the readiness to take away a dog!

Girls even apologized to themselves on the page in Instagram at all who had to refuse. Lucky of one, and wonderful people who responded heart and ready to become the world's best owners, it was much!

of the Photo: instagram.com/irinamiakphoto

We wish you, Lucky to bring happiness and good luck to the new family! We rejoice and admire people, we thank volunteers.

And still we ask you, Lucky, thanks to the popularity to help the same poor fellow without language.

of the Photo: instagram.com/kamidogs _

Sabrina asks for our help and participation too and very much waits.

of the Photo: instagram.com/kamidogs _

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