• Sep 26, 2018


And you already heard that raccoons submit new heights more and more actively? Only look at this climber from New Jersey to the USA.

The raccoon was noticed when he got on an apartment house directly on a steep wall. But as soon as it reached the level of the ninth floor, something, it seems, changed in plans of an animal. He suddenly decided that further you should not rise. Then the raccoon was just developed and jumped off from a wall. Unfortunately, the jump was not such superheroic as the raccoon, probably, counted. After long flight during which the body of an animal coiled extensively the raccoon landed on sand … turned over on a stomach and quickly escaped.

Video: ViralHog

These animals are really known for the dexterity and flexibility. They are capable to twist extremities by 180 degrees and it is easy to clamber on steep surfaces.

Eyewitnesses of incident of such end of a show did not expect. But to their surprise, the raccoon rock-climber remained absolutely safe and sound.

The zoologist from one of the universities says:

"Frankly speaking, the fact that he survived after such falling is a real miracle. I never before came across information that raccoons are capable to jump successfully from such height. They, certainly, can jump off from a tree and almost not become a cripple, but this case – absolutely outstanding".

He added:

"It was its successful day. I think, the raccoon was lucky that he fell to sand".



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