• Aug 13, 2019

More and more owners are interested whether it is possible to feed a dog or a cat with exclusively crude meat. And if earlier the vast majority of veterinarians considered categorically unacceptable such diet, now the situation changes. Writes Adele Waters about it, the editor of the Veterinary Record magazine.

 the Red cat takes from hands of the person crude meat of a photo

On a photo: the cat eats crude meat. Photo: dogsfirst.ie

And while feeding by exclusively crude meat still remains a subject of sharp criticism from a number of veterinarians who categorically against similar practice and say that such diet is unsafe, so to feed animals with crude meat it is irresponsible, there are also those who recommend a similar diet as only correct. Those who are eager to approve "rawism" for dogs and cats, to advertize and, eventually, to sell these products. Now there is a noticeable movement "for a rawism" for dogs and cats, and it divided consumers into two camps.

the Typical representative of the movement "for a rawism for pets" — well educated representative of the middle class. Often these people had problems with health or their animals carried a number of diseases because of which it was quite difficult to choose for them a suitable diet (generally the speech about diarrhea or allergic reactions). These people, as a rule, view opinion of experts with skepticism. It, generally people who got used to receive the desirable and at present they wish to feed pets with crude meat.

Statistics demonstrates that the market of crude meat for animals significantly extended for the last 3 – 4 years. For example, one of the manufacturing companies of similar forages in Great Britain for the short period increased the number of shops from 200 to 500. And today surprises nobody to see advertizing of producers of crude meat for animals in vetapteka. Many advertize the products as "BARF" (biologically appropriate raw food). They offer on test product samples and educational programs for owners to attract clients.

 the Dog eats crude meat of a photo

On a photo: the dog eats crude meat. Photo: petslady.com

In 2017 a debate concerning feeding of dogs and cats crude meat on the congress of the British Association of veterinary leaving (BVNA) erupted. However, it was succeeded to reach consent on many questions. For example, that in house conditions it is very difficult to make the full-fledged and balanced diet. And also that many owners are anxious with methods of feeding of pets. So a task of veterinarians – to provide to clients correct information and to induce to show responsibility.

But on an important safety issue of "rawism" for dogs and cats opinions were cardinally shared.

For example, the veterinarian and the specialist in feeding of animals of Mike Davies reported results of the researches showing that feeding of dogs and cats crude meat represents essential risk for health of animals and owners need to consider it. For example, the risk increases "to catch" the pathogens posing a threat for life: this is a salmonella, colibacillus, a kampilobakter, listeriya, klostridiya and норовирус. Animals who are fed with crude meat get sick or infect others. The most dangerous of these threats – a salmonella who becomes the reason more than 200 death a year only in Great Britain and can kill her only thermal treatment. According to Mike Davies, veterinarians who recommend feeding by crude meat act, to put it mildly, recklessly, and they should be made responsible in case of a disease or the death of the patient as a result of such feeding.

This expert was supported by the veterinarian and the specialist in treatment of obesity of animals of Marge Chandler, having stated observation that the diet consisting only of crude meat is most often unbalanced and poor in necessary substances. Therefore admirers of "a rawism for dogs and cats" should provide a photo "to" and "after", for example, animals with allergic reactions and also results of researches which would prove that the similar diet is suitable for regular feeding of pets.

However Nick Thompson, the veterinarian and the president of the veterinary society which is standing up for feeding by crude meat said that experience of his colleagues demonstrates that such diet is safe and improves the state of health of animals.

Anyway, demand defines the offer, and supporters of "a rawism for dogs and cats" make the choice without thinking about veterinary researches.

 the Dog drags from a plate a piece of crude meat of a photo

On a photo: the dog eats crude meat. Photo: dogcatplace.com

To what similar discussions testify? The growing popularity of alternative types of a diet – including feeding of dogs and cats exclusively crude meat – means that the market of products for animals will soon change. The association of producers of forages for animal PFMA publishes the guides to "a rawism for dogs and cats". Veterinarians, most likely, will consider it in the practice and will give advice how to make the most full-fledged and balanced diet for "syroyed" to minimize risk. Producers of other types of forages for animals have nothing yet worries, but to them, perhaps, it is necessary to look narrowly at inquiries of consumers.

Original of article: Veterinary Record magazine on October 14, 2017

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