• Oct 24, 2018

of the Cat are not indifferent to a plant under the name cat's mint – it concerns both pets, and wild representatives of cat's family: to lions, tigers, lynxes, pumas. Once it finds an imperceptible grassy bush in the nature, cats become the not: they ride on the ground, invitingly mew, fall into ecstasy.

This action not for long – lasts 10-15 minutes, then animals calm down and can fall asleep with calm. Everything speaks very simply – the plant contains substance непеталактон which causes in a brain of an animal reaction under the name "sexual response".

The cat inhales fumes of essential oils of cat's mint, it seems to it that there came the period of sexual hunting and she looks "gone on a spree". Let's notice that only polovozrely individuals so react, kittens are indifferent to mint.

What is cat's mint

Cat's mint or a kotovnik cat's (Nepeta cataria) is a perennial plant with serdtseobrazny leaflets and light lilac inflorescences with a strong lemon smell. The plant is widespread, he can be met both in Europe, and in Asia. The kotovnik and in subtropics meets: India, Pakistan, Nepal. Thanks to the high content of essential oils in land parts of a plant, cat's mint exhales lemon aroma, attractive for cats, as fresh, and in the dried state.

How to use a kotovnik cat's

The broadest application was found for cat's mint in the industry of pet goods. Mint in a dry form and in the form of liquid solutions and sprays is sold in zoological shops. Producers of goods for cats produce vitamins, forages, delicacies, toys and kogtetochka on its basis.

Despite such strong impact on pets, cat's mint does not cause dependence therefore all cat's owners can safely use this grass.

Properties of mint help to accustom animals to a kogtetochka and a plank bed. It can be used as antidepressant for the animals who endured a stress. And the bothered toy will become the most favourite again if to lower it in cat's mint and to take there several hours.

We studied goods with cat's mint which offer pet-shops. Considered their characteristics, strong and weaknesses, picked up the list of the most popular goods. We hope that this information will be useful to all owners of cats.

Important: buy mint without stalks! First, stalks do not exhale a smell. Secondly, their strong structure can wound a mouth of a cat if she wants to gnaw a plant.

Goods with cat's mint

  1. Cat's GoSi mint – dry;
  2. Rural delicacies cat's mint – spray;
  3. Homebodies cat's mint – spray;
  4. Beaphar balls with cat's mint – delicacy;
  5. Maun Tero "A mouse with feathers" – a toy;
  6. Kogtetochka I.P.T.S. sizalevy with cat's mint;
  7. Kogtetochka I.P.T.S. Cardboard hill;
  8. Rural delicacies Soap bubbles;
  9. A four-footed Gourmet veal with cat's mint in jelly – a forage.

of Catnip the dried-up cat's mint

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

The dried-up leaflets of a kotovnik cat's. The country the producer – the Netherlands. It is possible to use for cats of all breeds and age groups.

It is used as delicacy and for drawing attention to toys, kogtetochka. Absolutely natural product possessing antistress action on cats belongs to products of the class "premium".

  • Plus: natural structure.
  • Minus: untight cardboard packing badly keeps a smell.

Price: 102 rub

Cat's GoSi mint

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

The dried grass of a kotovnik has a positive impact on nervous system of cats. It is possible to use for improvement of appetite of an animal. The plant is rich with vitamin C.

The grass is used for schooling to a kogtetochka and to the place and also for increase in interest in toys. Method of application: a small amount of a dry grass is applied on the chosen surface, it is possible to put in special toys with a pocket.

  • Plus: convenient plastic packing with a tight cover.
  • Minus: it is impossible to give to pregnant cats.

Price: 35 ml. – 59 rub

of Gimcat Nutri Pockets with cat's mint and multivitamins

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

The crackling small pillows with a grass of a kotovnik and a complex of vitamins use for encouragement of pets. Delicacy can be used as an incentive when training. The multivitamin paste which is a part of a product contains 12 vitamins which maintain immunity of a cat. Cat's mint – natural antidepressant.

  • Plus: do not contain some sugar and preservatives.
  • Minus: high price.

Price: 60 гр. – 133 rub

Rural delicacies cat's mint

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

Cat's Mint extract is produced in small bottles of 100 ml. The bottle is hermetically closed and has the convenient spray. Main structure: water and extract of a kotovnik cat's. An expiration date – 18 months.

An effective remedy for training, schooling to the place and a kogtetochka. Stimulates cats to active games with toys. Method of application: to spray means on the chosen surface from distance of 20-30 cm

  • Plus: convenient tight packing with the spray.
  • Minus: high cost.

Price: 100 ml. – 215 rub

Homebodies cat's mint

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

A natural stimulator of mood on the basis of extract of a kotovnik from domestic manufacturer. Helps cats easier to postpone travel and visits of the veterinarian. It can be used during training.

Facilitates schooling of an animal to the place and a kogtetochka. Makes positive impact on nervous system of cats. It is easily applied on a surface of plank beds, lodges, когтеточек.

  • Plus: natural structure.
  • Minus: is suitable only for polovozrely individuals.

Price: 100 ml. – 186 rub

of Beaphar balls with cat's mint

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

Delicacy with a grass of a kotovnik from the Beaphar company for cats since 6 months. Feed additive contains a complex of vitamins and minerals which strengthen an organism of a cat, maintain health of heart and visual acuity.

As a part of delicacy – protein-rich shrimps. Mint for cats – natural antidepressant. Constant consumption of delicacy well influences digestion of a cat and promotes the best digestion of nutrients.

  • Plus: is suitable for adult cats of all breeds.
  • Minus: untight packing.

Price: 80 pieces – 163 rub

Maun Tero's

"Mouse with feathers"

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

The soft toy for cats is executed in the form of a mouse. In a product dry cat's mint contains. Toys with cat's mint draw attention of an animal with pleasant lemon aroma. The basis of a mouse is made of natural cotton. A mouse tail – a natural feather.

  • Plus: low price.
  • Minus: fragility.

Price: 66 rub

of Petstages the Yellow boomerang with cat's

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

The toy from bright yellow textiles from the American producer is suitable for active games with a cat. As filler of a boomerang only natural cat's mint is used. Cats with pleasure will bring this boomerang to the owner. Is suitable for training.

  • Plus: resistant aroma.
  • Minus: it is impossible to erase.

Price: 246 rub

Kogtetochk I.P.T.S.'s

sizalevy with cat's mint

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

The angular kogtetochka from natural sisal is processed by extract of cat's mint that simplifies schooling process. Cats are attracted by aroma of a kotovnik, and they with pleasure sharpen claws about a kogtetochka surface, thereby preserving corners of walls and furniture.

  • Plus: convenient angular form.
  • Minus: high price.

Price: 1150 rub

Kogtetochk I.P.T.S's

. Hill cardboard

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

The convenient kogtetochka in the form of the hill is made of red cardboard. In a product the dry grass of a kotovnik is placed that draws attention of cats and stimulates them to sharpen claws. The product steady also does not take a lot of place.

  • Plus: convenient form.
  • Minus: fragile material – cardboard.

Price: 1026 rub

Rural delicacies Soap bubbles

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

Soap bubbles with extract of cat's mint for a long time will draw attention of the pet. Cats love games with soap bubbles. Bubbles with extract of a kotovnik attract animals with the aroma. Is suitable for active games with cats of all age and breeds.

  • Plus: aroma, attractive for animals.
  • Minus: quickly come to an end.

Price: 94 rub

of Kookamunga Catnip Bubbles

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

Soap bubbles with natural extract of a grass of a kotovnik from the American producer. Cat's mint adjusts behavior of a cat. Phlegmatic individuals become playful, and too active calm down. The aroma of mint gives to animals pleasure. Bubbles are suitable for a cheerful game with a cat.

  • Plus: high quality.
  • Minus: fast expense.

Price: 185 rub

the Four-footed Gourmet veal with cat's mint in jelly

The Review of the Best Goods in Category Cat's Mint

Damp cat food of the class "super-premium" on the basis of veal contains natural cat's mint. By jelly with meat pieces it is packaged in jars on 100 гр.

In structure: veal, cat's mint, jelly, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, taurine, water. The forage well influences the system of digestion of cats, strengthens nervous system and immunity.

  • Plus: is suitable for a daily diet.
  • Minus: is on sale packings.

Price: 24 pieces – 2154 rub

to Whom cannot give cat's mint

Producers produce a set of goods with cat's mint, also it can be grown up independently in a garden or in a flowerpot on a window sill. Those owners who are disturbed by a question: whether cat's mint is harmful to cats, have to know:

  1. The contact with a kotovnik is contraindicated to pregnant cats. They can experience too strong overexcitation that will provoke premature birth or an abortion.
  2. Animals who too strongly react to aroma of cat's mint can have a nervous breakdown. It is contraindicated to such cats to give mint

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