• Oct 18, 2018


Quite recently a decimestrial dog of breed a Rottweiler by nickname Hanna fell in the USA from break more than 15 meters high. Zack, her owner, nearly lost the best friend, for the second time any more. Once long ago, in the childhood, on the same place there was no his elder brother. To honor his memory, the family comes every year to the place of the tragedy. And in one of such days history almost repeated with Hanna.

Hanna ran out from the car as soon as opened for her a door. Vigorous and careless what puppies at its age are, she right there on pleasures ran to break … and fell from it. All who became the witness of terrible incident strongly got a fright, having remembered a sad fate of the brother Zack.

photo: thebark.com

The family immediately called rescue service. However, to their disappointment, there they were refused to be helped. It was too dangerous to lower the rescuer in such conditions from height.

But Zack who recently received a position in a local fire brigade could persuade one of colleagues to help them. It turned out that the friend just specializes in rescue operations. And though the savior never before had to help a dog, he was not afraid to risk for the sake of Hanna. He was lowered to the baby by means of a special rope, it more strong her fastened, and after that both of them were pulled out on a surface. Now both of them were in safety.

To prepare all equipment for a rescue operation, a lot of time was required.

Total, Hanna carried out in loneliness and cold about a day. It is joyful that after terrible falling on a doggie there is no scratch left also. Fortunately, the tragedy of last years this time bypassed this family.

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