• Oct 26, 2019
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for the pet the multilevel lodges equipped with soft pillows, a sharpener for claws, numerous toys and even light and music. And he persistently ignores all your efforts, giving preference to an ordinary box? You should not take offense at a cat — he has several reasons at once to consider cardboard packing an ideal shelter.

Feeling of safety

Cats though are considered as pets, but inherently — predators which adore attacking the victim from the shelter. A box — a great option for the organization of an ambush and retreat in case of the approaching danger.

Boxes and other closed spaces allow to minimize stress level. The cat having the shelter on a case of unforeseen circumstances adapts to a new situation much quicker and easier makes contact with the person. To escape and hide — natural desire of representatives of this look in the conditions of change of the environment and emergence of irritants. The closed space gives to your pet feeling of safety.

the Way to leave from problems

Cats do not like to participate in the conflicts because they are not able to develop strategies of their permission. Therefore, unlike gregarious animals who prefer to meet the opponent "face to face" cats will escape from a problem rather and will hide in the shelter. They avoid meetings with potentially dangerous representatives of the look and reduce activity not to create to themselves excess troubles.

The box helps not only to leave from the conflict with other cats, but also to hide from the angered owner or to have a rest from excessively playful children. Own lodge of the pet is his island of safety, the site allowing to have a rest from hostility, alarm and special attention.

Warm place

One more explanation for the fact that the cat seeks to settle in the place close and inconvenient at first sight is the natural aspiration of a fluffy to heat.

It appears, comfortable ambient temperature for a cat is 30 — 35 degrees. At this range the cat does not need to spend additional energy neither for heating, nor for cooling of a body. At the same time in the dwelling of the person air temperature seldom rises higher than 20 — 25 degrees.

It serves as an excellent explanation for the increased love of moustached pets to boxes. Corrugated fibreboard — excellent material for thermal insulation, and limited space allows to maintain comfortable temperature long.

Playful mood

Besides, you should not forget about the natural aspiration of a fluffy to have a good time and dispel boredom. What can be more interesting and more cheerful, than suddenly rush from round the corner on legs of nothing not suspecting the owner, to jump on a moving subject or just to arrange a lot of noise? Exactly the ordinary cardboard box in which it is possible to lie and abide imperceptibly time for commission of pranks best of all will be suitable for an ambush in this case.

A box — the perfect place to reduce stress, to have a rest, have a sleep in heat and a cosiness or just to have a good time. Allow the pet to choose independently habitats, and he will surely pay back you with the friendly relation.

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