• Sep 20, 2019

Get acquainted, Ken kuna is a clever and hardworking dog who blew up Japanese (and now and global) social networks. There was it after someone photographed as Ken kuna works — sells fried sweet potato to visitors in an own bench.

dog, dog, bench, shiba-inu photo: boredpanda.com
We, of course, know
about many professions of dogs: guides, police officers, police dogs. However sellers of street food? It precisely something brand new!

But you do not think, 3-year-old Ken kuna does not work too much at all, actually his work is rather simple. Hungry buyers choose what sweet potato they want from a white box and in exchange leave 100 yens (about 1 dollar). Ken kuna more likely just welcomes clients.

shop, street, dog, dog, pet photo: boredpanda.com

When someone approaches, friendly the shiba-inu looks out because of a counter and watches that sale went without problems. But, of course, such system is under construction only on trust between conscientious Japanese. Ken kuna will not jump out of a bench at all and will not pursue the thief if someone does not pay for the having a snack.

The bench is pasted over with bright posters and drawings. On one of them it is written: "I have for you no delivery because I am a dog". A tip, of course, is welcomed, they go on additional yum-yum for the lovely four-footed seller.

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