• Sep 16, 2020

of This large guy in different directions though initially nobody could foresee such plot. Everything as in the best art pictures from the screen, began well. Breeds a Shar-Pei at first sight fell in love with Bakster for his chubby cheeks, a lovely puppyish tummy, easy negligence and disorder of gait. And owners quite suited a puppy. What else it is necessary to the child for happiness? Behind an ear to scratch, to stroke a tummy, to put tasty food in a pan, to lay a diaper and to abandon a ball. Generally, there was a full idyll, but it was, alas, not so long as the dog counted on that.


Хозяиí Бакстерà скончался. The dog got this loss hard. And the following blow was the fact that relatives and relatives of the dead refused to shelter Bakster. Life had to be begun with a new leaf, to be exact with others lonely cold open-air cage in a shelter. That was municipal, treated animals coldly. And this cold breed even flowed in indifference and dispassionateness. As it is often accepted, everything was on a template, without soul, heat, sincerity. The hope was presented by news about overexposure.

But when one temporary house was replaced by another, and so proceeded over and over again, Bakster absolutely became gloomy. He literally called a strike. He was tired to be encouraged, get used every time to the place, to adapt to people, without knowing that it will be then. It reached that age when any more not to dirty tricks and fun, quiet smooth water wants. Bakster ceased to pay any attention to people, completely ignored them, was closed from the world and let nobody in soul.


Это very much disturbed his curators. Seeing apathy of the pet, they too imperceptibly lowered hands. How to revive an animal, nobody knew. But the case helped. The next overexposure did not refuse Bakster, recognized it the and did not want to send a dog already anywhere. The stately Shar-Pei of beautiful opaque graphite color as if recovered. There was gloss in eyes and that hope. The belief appeared also at his curators who for years of supervision for the guy became hardly his good companions, but released Bakster with tranquility and joy. Now the dog is happy in family. All to lonely tails of the world also!

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