• Sep 14, 2020

of the Young Shar-Pei found in the village the Black small river. There the pet was left literally to die. Just threw out on the street. The pet who since the childhood got used to heat, care, life in a full bowl in every sense well could not get used to this thought in any way, and especially to adapt and begin to survive. But vagrant life after all left the mark.

When the pet was found, he already practically ceased to be called, forgot partially teams, was afraid to get into the car, was lost at an entrance. All this time while it was saved by volunteers, he uncertainly went and constantly convulsively looked back whether it beat off people. Probably, the kid already learned that it to be lost in literal and figurative sense. And the most terrible that it, most likely, really so. The guy is compliant, understanding, friendly, tender, contact. But it became clear only later when that recovered from a stress and started over again communicating with the person, though again it at first difficult was given it. And only tasty "bait" helped to console a little the pet and to entice him into the car.


Спустя only several months after arrival of a puppy in a shelter, his owners were. No, not those that left the teenager to perish in the small wild village where it is full of danger in the form of the person and the severe wild nature. And those which having seen the poor fellow, felt something at once. In heart as if jammed, the thought did not leave minds of couple: "the pet needs to be taken away, this is that friend who was not enough for them so long ago". Sven of the house! Happy journey to you!

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