• Jun 19, 2020

the Shar-Pei by nickname the Boatswain was left by the owners to the mercy of fate. What happened in the sea family which allowed the favourite pet to wander alone, to look for death among the city jungle? The answer to this question forever will remain to unknown, especially, when business concerns absolutely house, harmless, healthy physically and mentally dogs. This Shar-Pei was one of them.


О the Boatswain learned 100 vw accidentally. Not indifferent girl immediately rushed to search of the thrown tail. In the long evenings she wandered on the city, interviewed possible eyewitnesses, got into the haunts of vice, buildings, the abandoned houses, walked on parks, shops, the yards. Aiming helped. The lonely Shar-Pei was seen in sewer at the road. There also the volunteer went. The live find quietly and hopelessly was located on wet dirty rags.


Обессилевший the Boatswain already also did not get up from the place, and having seen the person, at first preferred not to trust it. Once he already made it, and he was betrayed and turned out. But later time nevertheless his trust was succeeded to deserve. Now the Boatswain recovers. Its sincere and physical wounds drag on, the body gathers a tone, and anew to learn to trust heart to the person. The boatswain looks for new family, but now he will not be exchanged and to trust only in the one who will be able sincerely and with with all the heart to fall in love with him, he is already ready to make the same.

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