• Jan 16, 2020
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of the Shark as ruthless and mighty predators, but specifically this shark just with appetite devoured the meal served by it from the big fish head, and then smiled directly for the camera.

the 29-year-old diver Cassie Jensen is engaged three years in professional shooting of underwater inhabitants and is not afraid even of huge sharks.

Cassie and her friends just are able to behave so that not to provoke a shark to attack. The diver says that actually sharks at all not such dangerous murderers as it is considered to be.

To allure this lemon shark, Cassie used a bait in the form of the big head of a tuna which she threw into water at Vest-Palm-Bich, the State of Florida, the USA, approximately in three kilometers from the coast.

Photo: Cassie Jensen/Caters News

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The shark quickly scented fish and with appetite ate it at a short distance from divers. And then unexpectedly smiled in all teeth, looking directly in the camera. She as if thanked people for an entertainment.

Photo: Cassie Jensen/Caters News

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" we photograph sharks to show to people that they are not cruel murderers. They are actually very clever, prudent and curious creations. They need to be respected and understood, and then they will behave in the same way in relation to you".

According to Cassie, many accidents in water are connected with the fact that sharks take people for other animals who are their production — fishes or seals. The person actually does not enter a diet of sharks at all, and sharks never specially hunt it.

Photo: Cassie Jensen/Caters News

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Lemon sharks can reach more than three meters in length. Most often they can be met in waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea near the coast.


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