• Oct 25, 2018


Little Soshe, a maltese, appeared in an imprisonment in own house and one more than a week carried out there. Absolutely without food and clear water. The only thing that helped it to survive – the sofa which served as the boat in the flooded building.

photo: lifewithdogs.tv

The Sachet — one of very many victims of the hurricane Florence which passed across the USA quite recently. The hurricane brought a huge number of destructions and left so many animals without house or in an imprisonment as Soshe that saving groups sounded the alarm and asked for the help volunteers and third parties. One of them also saved little Soshe.

To arrive Soshe's home, rescuers had to try – in some places flooding reached the level of roofs. From the third time they, at last, could make the way through the flooded streets and saw Soshe swimming on a sofa in the house.

The door managed to be opened not at once – its material strongly inflated. When they could beat out by force it, Soshe, at last, met the rescuers. She was emaciated and awfully frightened. Week alone without food absolutely exhausted her.

The baby was happy to appear at last with people and to eat the first portion of a forage for all this time. Sachets brought to a shelter from where it was taken away soon by owners who very much worried about the favourite.

Fortunately, for Soshe everything ended well.

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