• Jan 23, 2020
A month ago we wrote to

about Alex

, a sphinx which we wanted to lull after at it pads refused.

Then, in January, it sharply remained one in the huge world. Thrown and defenseless. Only kindness of people and their not indifference helped Alex to recover after treachery of owners.

 sphinx, cat, cat, bald cat photo: Instagram/victoria_kg
the Whole month it was restored by

and looked forward to the Person who will be able to come to love it very much. And this person was! The girl saw a post about Alex on social networks and resolved that this handsome will become the member of her family.

Long time it went to it since other end of Moscow, just to learn to treat it. And when it got acquainted with all features of Alex, the decision was final: he will live with it.

Now Alex luxuriates in the loving house where care for it and cherish.

 cat, bald cat, sphinx, pet photo: Instagram/victoria_kg
we express with

A huge gratitude to the girl who showed Alexa that despite past bitter experience, it has a chance of happy and carefree life.

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