• Feb 11, 2020

In Moscow social networks of volunteers dazzle with announcements: the mature animal needs a shelter. The dog by nickname the Veda was terribly intimidated. The girl was brought from Vladikavkaz. The Veda is completely healthy and to everything is trained, only why such clever and sound dog was thrown out on the street?!

the Veda – a dog of unimaginable beauty. Its color is completely more noble snow-white. In appearance there are serious echoes of a pit bull terrier. A strong big dog, despite severity of breed, very sensitive sympathetic kind little girl. It is given by her brown confused eyes with a lung for a short while to grief and small hope for new cheerful full life.

Dog very clever and bright. She are completely accustomed to walking, obedient, observes a rhythm of the attendant. The youthful stupidity peculiar to dogs to a year, at the Veda passed. The dog does not show aggression or unruly temper. Soft and appeasable. Especially listens to a female, male still modestly avoids.

the Dog was in a condition of a full stress when she was only brought to nursery. She did not want to eat food, did not get up, did not react to people, escaped. There was a feeling that it was frayed properly, intimidated, perhaps, beat. And now it is difficult for Veda to trust again in the person because once it was already cruelly betrayed.

the Veda was found in Vladikavkaz and brought to Moscow. How could the dog from south country of high customs and rigid concepts, being such stately beautiful and clever, be out in the street? How in general can I throw out such healthy strong well-mannered and very kind dog? These questions will remain unresolved forever. Her owners, despite numerous messages about search, did not appear. Though the Veda also did not wait for them after such itself abuse.

Volunteers sheltered the beauty, provided it a temporary haven and now look for it the new house with the understanding owners able to value pets, to treat them adequately. Such lady still will please new family with the caress, devotion, soft temper and easy temper, will become the best friend, and her kind radiant eyes will surely warm in any bad weather!

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