• Sep 21, 2020

the Old woman of breed a hound has really been through a lot. For the ten-year life she learned a lot of things. What is family that it to be thrown that such violence, pain, bitterness and disappointment.
the Thoroughbred dog was taken by family. At first a common language managed to be found quite successfully. Lived in peace and friendship, it is full and is cheerful. And when the dog began to grow, borders between her and owners began became hardened. There was cold, indifference and even bitterness. To a dog began to take a jaundiced view, roughly. Everything increased and ended with cruelty.

Hackneyed, started, with the beaten-out teeth, the wool which got out pieces, the exhausted and exhausted old woman was thrown out eventually on the street. She wandered several weeks, then got for a while to the woman. For that the neighbourhood with a dog was not a dream, but she could not throw it on the street, gave a hound to a shelter.

After that peripetias of the pet did not end. The following stage — temporary overexposure. Sounds hopefully, but it was in practice still worse, than the previous conditions. On overexposure there were also other dogs. With some of them the hound could not find a common language in any way. The pet was oppressed, snubbed, scratched, bitten, generally, the dog had a wild stress, unjustified aggression as a way to protect itself from attacks.


Теперь a ten-year hound, old, sick, to nobody the necessary dog again in a shelter. When she sees other tails, can show aggression. But it never concerned the person. For it he is inviolable. It is the only hope, a support for it. Therefore the girl is still wanted to be attached to the house without other dogs or with an opportunity to divide them, to socialize gradually.

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