• May 28, 2020

in the Cold winter evening practically under new year to young family in their private possession left a New Year's gift. As a congratulation in a garage the old wiped box with dirty rags, and in it two absolutely defenseless shouting hungry the kid flaunted.


Щенки were absolute charm. Lovely fluffies sat still, having adjoined to each other to be warmed. They tirelessly looked for mother though they lost her already, probably, for a long time. Looked for though something that fed, warmed and would caress them. Children, in a word. Their vulnerability subdued young family and was decided to look after kids, there will be no worthy tutors to children yet.

Besides fear and a stress in inheritance from being the owner to babies severe diarrhea, parasites, exhaustion and infections got. The liquid chair, constant irritation of skin prevented children to live. After survey of the doctor to lumps appointed treatment. Several months tails were on overexposure, restored health, studied house life.


Волонтеры very much hoped that Tami and Rick, so called children, will get to the new house together. But the duet was not the mandatory requirement of their adoption, unlike unconditional love to animals and responsibility. And responses to beautiful kids appeared much. Tame and Rick fell into the most reliable hands, let and into different families, but now they are happy at home. Let's wish them good luck!

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