• Feb 8, 2019

Information on achievements of geneticists and the experiments made by them periodically appears in media, and some messages are capable to strike with the strangeness. Origin of new life and transformation of an embryo into a certain individual in itself is surprising process, but the person does not stop trying to interfere with it and to remove a new look, and 10 strangest experiments with embryos of animals are capable to enter into state of shock.


the Most unusual experiments with embryos

For experiments practically all representatives of fauna are used. Scientists conduct experiments over rats and mice, domestic and wild animals, fishes and reptiles.

the Brain of a partridge at a chicken

Replacing of a brain of one animal to other look is considered one of the most widespread experiments, and for these purposes birds are often used. As a result of replacing of a part of body of a partridge to a domestic chicken there were representatives of fauna whose behavior became very unusual. Some "tsyplokuropatka" began to cackle, making sounds of a wild bird, others completely adopted her habits.

Brain of a Partridge at a Chicken

Life expectancy of "mutants" was short, and the fabrics over time replaced were perceived as alien, torn away, and the bird perished.

Incubation of a panda

The foundation of experiments was laid in 2009. Scientists it was conceived to replace an ovum from alien DNA for incubation to a doe-rabbit. the Sequence of actions looked as follows:

  • the ovum of a doe-rabbit is taken;
  • removal of a kernel from initial material is carried out;
  • panda DNA is entered, and after division the ovum is placed to a doe-rabbit.

Cultivation of a Panda

At the beginning of the experiment positive results were received, and cell fission took place in the normal mode. The following stage of experiences did not bring the expected result, and change of an embryo in a womb to a doe-rabbit came to an end with failure. Scientists decided to test a technique on cats, but from 21 experimental only one animal managed to place 2 germs of a pandokrolik. was not succeeded to finish the Research as the cat died from pneumonia.

Duck turtle

On experiments of scientists the fact that in the past the duck and a turtle had general ancestors inspired. Researchers were not stopped that there was it about 255 more million years ago, and they made attempts of change of cages of a duck to an embryo of a turtle. As a result ordinary turtles were born, but it was succeeded to find cages of a duck in some bodies of animals.

of the Doe-rabbit and sheep

Sheep Embryos at Rabbits

Scientists in 1962 when for storage of embryos of a sheep rabbits began to be used came to an unusual solution of the problem of transportation. Such way had to reduce the price of the cost of transportation of expensive biomaterial to Africa, and delivery had to manage only 8 dollars for one individual. As a result of further change of embryos to sheep the livestock of the cattle had to be replenished and several lambs were born. the Sad destiny at the same time expected doe-rabbits: animals were lulled at first, and then cremated.

Chickens with teeth

Reptiles which in the past possessed teeth were ancestors of modern birds. The similar fact in 2003 inspired scientists on implantation to an embryo of cages of mice. Researchers achieved the objectives, and toothy chickens were born.

Domestic goat and mountain kid

Mountain Goat

Numerous experiments on change of an embryo of a wild mountain goat for incubation in a womb of a domestic goat always came to an end with an abortion. Scientists decided to go some other way and in 1999 the embryo was implanted in a womb of already pregnant animal. Process ended with premature birth as house fellows are formed smaller by the size and have less long term of incubation. The premature kid, thanks to in due time provided medical care, managed to survive.


Experiments of scientists with rats and mice arouse indignation from the public long ago, but scientists prove need of their carrying out, reasoning with the undoubted benefit for mankind. Grandiose plans are in many respects connected with a possibility of cultivation of bodies for further transplantation. In 2010 embryos which had no ability to formation of a pancreas were created. After change to their rat the objectives were achieved, and the missing body was constructed, but other factors which negatively affected other systems of activity interfered with process.

of an Eye of mice for cultivation of embryos

The first experiments were made in 1947 and proved that a mouse eye can really serve certain time as the place for cultivation of embryos. Both adult males, and females were suitable for these purposes.

in process of growth an embryo just began to follow from an eye, and after that on an organ of vision there was a scar.

Mix of a tadpole and toad

Experiments on change of embryos to representatives of one look were made long ago, but in 1979 scientists went further and made attempts to connect materials from different representatives. For experiences were taken:

Singularity of the choice was connected with what these species of frogs has an essential difference in development cycles. The first can be at a stage of a tadpole, and the second to represent almost created individual at this time.

Crossing of a Toad and Tadpole

Complexity of crossing was that water is necessary for tadpoles for life, and adult amphibious needs air.

Experiences ended with negative result, "lyagushkogolovastik" died or were lulled.

Fish with abilities of a plant

The question of cultivation of fish is connected with need of expenditure for its feeding. Therefore in 2010 scientists for economy decided to grow up posterity with ability to eat light of the sun and carbonic acid. For this purpose to already impregnated female Synechococcus elongatus bacterium was introduced.

the First 12 days results were excellent , but then the embryo body instead of transparency got a dark pigment because of what the ability to such type of food was lost.

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