• Dec 16, 2018

of the Cat study the human speech much easier and quicker, than the owner can acquire language of the fluffy pet. To the favourite there are enough several years of accommodation side by side with the supporter to begin to understand what is told by the owner. At the person everything is much more difficult. Language of a cat has no analogs and it is much more difficult even dog. How to learn what is told and felt by the pet? To help understand the favourite a peculiar translator into Russian from cat's can.

The Translator from Cat's Language into Russian

How to understand the pet's language

The main rule to which it is necessary to adhere in attempts to understand a cat is to watch closely any her actions and not to estimate them by human criteria at all. The last complicates communication with the favourite. To learn cat's language and it is correct to understand the pet, will be necessary:

  • observation;
  • attention;
  • love;
  • patience.

How to Understand the Pet's Language

Acts of cats are often unclear and illogical in the opinion of the owner. Various tricks and tricks which the person perceives as cat's revenge or malevolence in practice can be manifestations by the pet of boundless love and attachment.

Even perfectly understanding the owner, the cat will not begin to act according to human standards — she is the representative of other world. Therefore, learning the favourite's language, it is always necessary to remember what the animal tells in own way and all its acts — cat's and are inapplicable to the person.

the Sounds made by a cat

If the favourite purrs — he is absolutely quiet. In purring discontent notes are listened — the cat feels pain. Cats when they are dissatisfied with something purr. When cats are very angry, they begin to howl. The muffled purring turning into rumbling, the favourite wants to tell that his patience there was a last straw. If the pet screamed — he very strongly was frightened. Hissing of a cat means that she is ready to defense.

If the favourite purrs

Miaow the pet either welcomes, or asks about something. Faltering miaow with the pronunciation or a sound reminding rattle, the favourite responds to the human speech.

of Action as reflection of thoughts

What the Pet Thinks of

Sounds which are made by a fluffy in the majority cannot be correctly deciphered by the owner. Features of human physiology do not allow to accept cat's sound signals with an accuracy necessary for the analysis and the translation. How to understand what the pet thinks of? It is possible to decipher cat's thoughts by means of body language . This method is much simpler and available, than the translation of the speech of the favourite.

To understand a cat, it is necessary only to observe her more attentively. Each its movement is a signal.

General information

The cat reaches a pad for the person

The cat reaches a pad for the person — it is eager for attention and communication . At such moment it is important not to ignore the pet, otherwise the small animal will be upset and will feel thrown and to nobody necessary. It is necessary to show to a cat love and care, to caress him.

Stroking the owner a pad, the cat tries to express the tender feelings is a peculiar declaration of love from the pet. She wants to tell the same when she tramples down (masses) the person pads or rubs about him. When the cat rides on a floor, she tries to show to the person the beauty. The owner has to know what pet, smart at it. Besides it is demonstration of absolute trust — to the first comer a cat for anything will not show the tummy.

The Favourite's Back Curved by an Arch

The favourite's back curved by an arch — the announcement of readiness for fight, is better not to become his opponent and not to provoke it to the attack. If the cat laid down on a back — he has a rest.

The pet is killed into a secluded corner — it is time to play hide-and-seek. The cat is sure that the owner will not just notice loss, but also surely will find it. You should not disappoint the favourite.

When the pet is scraped, he tries to draw attention to himself. And the more loudly scrapes, the he is eager for bigger attention. The moustaches lowered from top to bottom — disturbing sign. Or the cat got sick, or to her is very sad. The help of the owner is in either case necessary.

If the cat sits, her paws are drawn in, and the tail is wrapped up around a trunk — she was going to watch. What can be more interesting — to watch these strange people.

The cat bolts very much, and her head at the same time is pulled in in shoulders — the owner should be prepared for what the pet played mean tricks morally.

If the pet fusses under legs and kind of stands up on hinder legs (lobbies at the same time rise above the ground and fall back) — he very much missed and waited for a meeting.

Washing and licking

If the cat quickly licks lips, taking language a nose and the most part of a muzzle, it demonstrates some confusion of a small animal and his thoughts . In similar situations of people scratches a nape.

The Cat Is Licked

The cat looked round on the parties, and later began to be licked carefully is a sign of ostentatious tranquility. The cat hastily licks a front pad as if she is late - it is a nervousness signal.

of an Eye and look

If the Cat Blinks

The squint of the favourite speaks about his tranquility and desire to have a sleep. If the cat blinks - it is also a symbol of tranquility and peacefulness . And here the expanded pupils of a cat, on the contrary, show his fear, a fright. However, widely open eyes and the increased pupils — not only sign of fear. It arises also in the course of the game and when the cat peers at darkness.

If the cat stares at the person as if he hypnotizes and when that pays attention to it — runs away (sometimes with a cry), it means that the pet very much wants to play.

Provision of ears

Ears at a cat not only to hear. Changing their situation, the pet can show the spirit. If favourite's ears:

  • are located vertically, upright — the cat shows curiosity;
  • are pressed to the head — the cat prepares for the attack;
  • are divorced in the parties as if lie in the plane — the cat makes advances, wants to play a hide-and-seek.

Position of Ears of a Cat

Position of ears can be combined with a look. If the cat blinks the eyes and takes away ears to a nape, he wants to show that to his patience the end comes. If eyes, on the contrary, are expanded, rounded, and ears are also inclined to a nape — a cat in combat readiness, it is better not to touch it and not to disturb.

of the Movement of a tail

Position of a tail and how the cat moves it, plays an important role in assessment of her mood. If the pet holds a tail:

  • "pipe", upright — he experiences positive emotions, rejoices;
  • lifted vertically (but at the same time a tail tip soft, weakened) — the cat is in joyful excitement;
  • lowered down — he is disappointed, grieved.

The Movements of a Tail at a Cat

If the cat lashes — he either is angry, or hunts. If from all tail only its tip moves — the cat is interested in something.

It is important to pay attention to a combination of various signs. For example, if the cat spins a tail, and at the same time presses ears to the head — the pet shows the irritation.

cannot be offended by Love

Separately It should be noted one feature of the pet familiar to each owner — the aspiration to show to the favourite owner the fluffy bottom. Pleasant in it, of course, it is not enough — if to look at it from the human point of view. If as it was already recommended to estimate acts of a cat catlike, it will become clear that there is nothing unpleasant in it.

Demonstration of the plush back

Demonstration of the plush back with it is proud of the raised tail the cat expresses the respect and boundless love. It is put at them since the childhood. It is excessive to explain that kittens love the mother and respect above all. And the first what mother cat looks at, having returned to kids after absence on the affairs, are their bottoms. Mother just watched hygiene, but at kittens was postponed that their back is what the one whom they love wants to look at and who loves them.

For this reason the more the pet adores the owner, the more often the last will contemplate the favourite's bottom — the cat will try to show it at any opportunity to make happy the supporter. You should not take offense or become angry about the pet — he thinks that this the best what can be made for the owner. Therefore it is better to accept it with humor.

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