• Aug 13, 2019

I think, nobody will argue that appearance of the pet cardinally changes our life. Also demands the considerable victims. On what victims we are ready to go for the sake of pets? And whether they are worth it?

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The first victim on which owners of animals should go is change of a way of life . The dog, a cat, a horse, a bird or a hamster demand time and attention (a lot of time and attention). Sometimes it is necessary to refuse meetings with friends because the dog needs to be walked and fed. Trips for several days can become an impracticable task if there is nobody to leave the pet. On black things light dog or cat's wool is very noticeable – means, it is necessary to change clothes. And on days off, most likely, it is necessary to get up early also, as well as on weekdays, the dog will snuffle, reminding that walk time has come. You walk in any weather, even when badly you feel. You get out to a training in a frost because the doggie should be engaged. And making the vital decisions, you are guided by the interests of the pet … Generally, your life will never be former.

Sometimes it is necessary to change work to have an opportunity fully to look after the pet. If you dream of the best friend of the person, but at the same time work according to the schedule day through two or for 12 hours a day, care of a dog becomes difficult. So it is necessary to make the choice – or to refuse the idea to get the pet, or to look for new work. And some owners of horses build and contain own stable, accepting on a billeting of other horses or training persons interested in riding. And such cases are absolutely not so rare as can seem.

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Sometimes owners of animals master a new profession , especially if face difficulties. Not to count how many my acquaintances sacrificed time, money and forces that in addition to the main specialty to become the veterinarian, the cynologist, the zoopsychologist or the training instructor!

Sometimes owners of animals make the decision to replace the residence – for example, to move to the country. As a rule, it concerns owners of horses or dogs. Becomes the first unbearable to visit the long-maned friend only on days off, and the second want to give the chance to the pet in plenty to frolic outdoors. And even to get several more canine friends. And people are ready to sacrifice own comfort for the sake of comfort of a favourite being.

At owners of animals often of the circle of contacts changes . As a rule, the pet becomes an important part of the life, and considerable time you think and speak about it. It leads to the fact that the people far from animals, often disappear from the horizon – alas, they should be sacrificed. Happens that disagreements concerning animals become even the divorce reason. But there are new friends and adherents.

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The outlook changes . When life begins to rotate around the pet, we in a different way see many things, our priorities and the relation to the world around change. There is an opinion that the owner of an animal is whether a profession, whether the diagnosis .

Certainly, it is necessary to go on financial victims . To save inadmissibly on animal food, besides, it needs to be driven to the veterinarian, to do inoculations and to process from parasites, to buy accessories to leaving, ammunition and toys, to pay instructors and groomers … And it is better not to think of what could be bought on money which leaves on a favourite zhivotinka! But these victims are even pleasant what you will not tell about cases when the pet gets sick – treatment of animals costs much, but owners are often ready to give everything that is – and even more that to save them.

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of the Victim for the sake of pets huge? But at the same time most of owners will tell you that they pay off with interest. Communication with animals is simply invaluable! So, it is not the victims any more, and a part of pleasure.

A to what victims you are ready to go for the sake of the pet? Share the stories in comments!

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