• Aug 9, 2019


the kitty, Popular in the Internet, known as GrumpyCat which seemed on thousands of ridiculous memes since 2012 left on a rainbow.
Photo: metro.co.uk
which knew it by nickname the Tardar Sauce, reported that their seven-year-old alumna caught very serious urinogenital infection. News was officially published today.
Photo: metro.co.uk


"Our hearts are smashed by
. Despite active attempts of doctors and family to help it, Grampi faced complications of an urinogenital infection which could not transfer. She died without sufferings in the morning on May 14 on hands at the hostess Tabata. The Tardar sauce was not only the favourite family member, but also pleased millions of people all over the world".
Photo: metro.co.uk
Exactly thanks to this remarkable cat, Tabata once could leave work as the waitress and had an opportunity to work with the alumna.
Photo: metro.co.uk
Be based with the world, Grampi. You will be remembered still for many years worldwide.
Photo: metro.co.uk
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, it will also be interesting to you: "
the Royal child was called in honor of a cat! "

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