• Feb 8, 2019

umstvenny abilities of animals do not cease to surprise scientists.

Animals Are How Really Clever

Was considered that only the person is allocated with ability logically to reflect and also to be capable to difficult operations, for example the account or speech earlier.

However for the last decade the set of scientific experiments with some animal species was made to understand, animals are how really clever.

Clever animal species

From all variety of fauna several types having rudiments of higher nervous activity are allocated. that K belong:

Scientific Experiments with Animals and the Brain Index

  • dolphins and whales;
  • monkeys;
  • elephants;
  • all types of vranovy;
  • pigs;
  • rats;
  • cats;
  • dogs.

Especially it is worth allocating dolphins as they are allocated with the sixth sense and are capable to see through obstacles thanks to echolocation : dolphins generate high-frequency sounds which, being reflected from objects, form a complete image of a subject in their head.

In fact, they see by means of a sound.

Dolphins is social beings. They even have own language by means of which they communicate. Also the feeling of empathy is not alien to dolphins. They care for sick and old individuals.


and parrots of a ke

With these bird species experiments on assessment of analytical thinking and ability to planning were made. It is known that vranovy can use enough dexterously sticks as production of food . In the nature by means of them they take bark beetles from the decayed trunks of trees. However it does not prove that crows can think since such ability can have instinctive character.

Scientific Experiments with Vranovy and the Brain Index

To find out whether the crow can consciously think and carry out the difficult tasks demanding planning of the actions the following experiment was made.

In a cage delicacy which can be got only by means of a long stick was located. Nearby on a string the short stick was attached.

to It could not get delicacy, but by means of it it is possible to take longer stick which was nearby.

At the beginning of the experiment of a raven began to assess a situation, without taking any actions at all and only examining cages. Over time it, having tried to get at first delicacy a short stick, after all guessed a solution. It convincingly proves that crows can act not only on instinctive level, but also is conscious.

Brain index

Cognitive functions and thinking depend not so much on the mass of a brain how many from its relation to body weight. The it is higher, the animal is cleverer. Naturally, the highest it at the person; it is less at an orangutan and dolphins. At vranovy this index is rather high too.

Animals Are How Really Clever

Prerequisites of evolution of the person , in particular, evolutions of his brain, were the created adverse conditions on Earth when they were forced to move off in searches of food to cold regions.

Rigid climate, lack of means of protection in the form of canines (as at other animals) and other difficulties forced the ancient person to work in a different way and to go on other branch of development: to improve the brain.

Now potential applicants for development of the brain are all animal species, anyway experiencing difficulties with production of livelihood.

The exception is made by vranovy. It is connected with what of a bird cannot theoretically have big Mose , otherwise they will not be able simply to fly. It imposes some kind of barrier to their evolution.

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