• May 5, 2020

. Blind dog. In addition, she was lost or she was lost deliberately. Around its emergence in a shelter there was the whole legend which provoked the real conflict of interests.

On the one hand were infinitely tired of irresponsibility of the people who are throwing out animals on the street, employees of a shelter. They are forced to see daily defenseless kids, to look after them, to patch their physical and sincere wounds.


С other party of the conflict of interests eyewitnesses who find animals, report about them to shelters and bring animals there. The essence of the conflict is that eyewitnesses often consider themselves heroes. They fondly believe that, having transferred an animal to a shelter, the staff of private institutions is simply obliged to render due leaving to one and all tails. Shelters allegedly receive from the state of preference for social activity. And they have to "fulfill" this money which is on a silver platter.

Besides very often eyewitnesses are not familiar with a modern technique of catching of animals. According to it, in view of overpopulation of private shelters, the decision to catch vagrant animals, to impart them, to give them drugs, to treat in the presence of diseases, inflammations, parasites, to sterilize them, to castrate, chipirovat and release was made. Those who are made nevertheless in a shelter at discretion are attached further. All this activity is carried out by own forces of shelters. And question of financing of shelters always individual. Animals care products in most cases get as donations from not indifferent.


Ириска became the reason of one of the numerous conflicts on this soil. On a legend it was thrown to eyewitnesses, and those rushed it to save. Left a dog at an entrance, fed up, adjusted to - what berth for the baby. As it appeared, Toffee was found in one of the forests of Belarus and brought to Moscow. Why it was made by eyewitnesses, a big question. At a dog owners nearby could, look for her. Later eyewitnesses caused catching on Toffee. But it was taken away by a local shelter to help to attach.

Besides lack of sight, at Toffee of a problem with a liver. But they are already settled. Toffee visited overexposure, passed a stage of socialization and now looks for the house. She is about five years old. Very vulnerable, gentle, trembling. Despite the lack of sight, can serve itself. The only thing, it is necessary to look after more carefully it, especially eyes, in time to drip drops. The girl very much worries about the destiny. She worried so much and now at last wants to find rest in the future family.

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