• Jan 15, 2020

to Many people very much likes to dress the pets fashionably. Most often it means that to a dog or a cat buy the reduced copy of human clothes: tie butterfly, leggings or fashionable jacket. But one company decided that everything is time to do on the contrary: to dress people in a thing, associated with pets.

Photo: people.com

For the loving owners they thought up slippers clones of their pets. Sew them by individual orders, being guided by the photo of an animal. As a result house-shoes which look exactly as the favourite turn out.

the Price for such pleasure, of course, not the lowest – $199. There comes time to think whether really small copy of a dog or cat is worth it. However, despite the price, the company has enough clients who are madly loving the pets.

Except slippers, the company offers also other things clones: bags, tights and even accessories to golf.

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